Friday, November 18, 2005

Potter Rules!

Harry Potter kicks ass, once again!

I totally ditched Costume History and Art History to see "The Goblet of Fire" this morning, with my *MUM*. Talk about addicts.

It was absolutely fabulous! They managed to get the World Cup and all 3 triwizard tasks in w/o cutting out too much of the school year. While the story was adapted a little, I thought it was the truest of the movies to the books so far.

And, thankfully, not half so sacchrine.

My only complaints are who they casted as Dumbledore and Krum. Dumbledore was too excitable this time, and Krum was too pretty. What happened to "hook-nosed" and "duck-footed"? Ohwell. The other actors were parfait. The "Golden Trio" in particular gave a wonderful performance.

It was definitely 2 and a half hours of magic and mystery and fun. I'm going to see it again tonight. Yes, my parents and I are HP addicts. We don't deny this.

But, if you're a stalwart HP fiction fan, I think you'll find this the best movie of the 4 so far.

Ohh... and as a textile fiend, I totally want to steal half the costumes. Seriously.

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