Thursday, November 17, 2005

Jane Austin blasphemy!

Okay. I admit that I knew it was coming. I was, I thought, prepared. But, I wasn't. Who would have DARED to mess up the perfection that is Austen?


KIERA-fricking-KNIGHTLEY as Lizzie???

The shame! The horror!

And, the dialogue! "You have bewitched me, body and soul"???

I want to cry.

There should be LAWS against ruining such lovely works like Austen's. I should start a society. To protect great literary works. Like Austen. Specifically Austen.

But, until then. I have done something to make myself feel better. Now, normally, I am a fan of Kiera. But I shall never forgive her for attempting the role of Lizzie. Ever. A good actor knows when they aren't fit for a role. And... well, if ever there was a discrepancy... (shudder) it's here. Ugh! Poor Jane, she must be so embarassed to have this movie attached to her good name...

Pride and Prejudice has been my favorite book since I was 11. I read it one night, when my father gave me a copy thinking it would put me to sleep. Ha! I was up until 3 am, finishing it. I reread it several times a year. I can recite entire dialogues. Hell, I had the first page memorized by the time I was 12... which was a group joke in middle school.

What Hollywood has done this time is unforgivable. They're plagarised a classic and slandered it, at the same time.

And, may I just finish with... who the hell did they think they were, trying to improve upon Colin Firth as Darcy?

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