Friday, May 19, 2006

open invite, WVFF: Knitting/ Spinning Circle

I know some of y'all are Eugenian, so I'm posting this.

It's an open invitation to come and knit with me/ my student group at the Willamette Valley Folk Festival tomorrow and Sunday, from 11 - 4. We'll have our own booth next to the main stage, and maybe some snacks and stuff.

C'mon down! It's free entertainment - and we might even have some nice weather.

Anyway, here's some of the invite I sent along to (pretty much) everyone I know ;)
The USFG has been given a booth right in front of the center stage at Cuthbert Ampitheater tomorrow and Sunday for demonstrations and public awareness of the fiber crafts. We've been asked to invite anyone interested in knitting/ spinning/ weaving/ crocheting/ etc in public at the Folk Festival to come. It's free, and we'll be near the Craft Center demo'ers, etc.

I'll be setting up the booth at 11 am. Please feel free to drop in and knit/ spin with me/ us! I think we'll be there from 11a - 4 p tomorrow and Sunday. My cell # is 541 543 7795 (lord knows if I'll hear it...). If I've read the map of our location right, we'll be to the right side of the stage (facing out from the stage). Just look for the only booth with knitting needles ;)

The schedule of events is available here:
And, directions to the amphitheater: (parking's free too)

Please send this along to anyone you think'd be interested.

Hope to see some knitters/ spinners there :)
No excuses accepted if I know you in person and know you read my blog =P

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