Tuesday, May 16, 2006

is it bed time yet?

so. sleepy.

allergies suck.

I started a baby blanket for my sister's baby today. We'll see how it turns out. I need to finish the knitted part tonight, so I can sew it tomorrow.

I got this offer in the mail today...

So far I am resisting the urge to accept. I look forward to Vogue's new stitchionary, but have neither the space to put it nor the money to pay for it. On than note, I realised that maybe (just maybe) it was time for me to sell some of my less used knitting books...

No, I am not trying get my readers to bid (that'd be sooooo tacky)- just keeping you up to date, as this is one of the more notable achievements of my day.

How lame is that?

I actually caught H in his office today (woe is, well, us). He wasn't too pleased with my request, and ordered me to come back when he "had time", during his office hours tomorrow from 10-11 ("when I have Linguistics"). "Fine! At 11, then." And I was summarily dismissed.

This doesn't look too good. But, I refuse to not get a grade. A C is fine at this point. I just want out. Desperately.

I need to go and make a pie.

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