Saturday, April 29, 2006

what's the plural for 'precious'?

I feel like I should be sitting in a dark corner, crooning over my finds today:

Tonight was the 2nd Annual "Dress Like Sandy" Party, held for costuming students at a local importer's home. Everyone applaud, I spent under $70 and nearly remained on budget (hey! major achievement for me)

Anyway. This place was the worst temptation EVER for me. Okay? EVER. Yards of HANDWOVEN silks, cottons, rayons, etc. In the end, I got out with over 6 yards of fabric, one pendant, and a kickass belt. Seen above: the pink is 2+ yards of 100% rayon (embroidered with flowers), the yellow&blue is 2+ yards of 100% cotton (batik!! tortoises!), and the glowing green is HANDWOVEN 100% silk. The pain - it was only $20. I... oh, I can't even comprehend that.

Oh, and the belt is a tribal belt, embroidered with mirrors, from Eastern India. I had to get it - I saw it and said "mine!" I plan on changing the tie and wearing it with everything pink I own.

Seriously, that's a lot of pink ;)

The two 2+ yardages are intended for summer dress - which I'm hoping to cut out tonight - I have a bunch of patterns around (hehehe).

I also found the coolest CD at the library today, "1942: Music From the Age of Discovery" by the Waverly Consort. Loving it. Oh, and a cool book, too: "Old Time Tools and Toys of Needlework" by Whiting. If you're interested in textile history, I strongly recommend reading this book.

And, lord help me, my stash is ... too big again (well, always), so I'm cutting down the handspun yarns I adore, but'll never use. They, and some books from high school, have been put on Ebay. (sigh) It had to be done, but I hate getting rid of pretties. I am SUCH a packrat.

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