Thursday, March 16, 2006

and now, the news

As we return to our regularly scheduled programming, I would like to take a minute to thank all you nice people who emailed me. Thank you :) Just ranting helped me get the whole thing outta my system. And, warning to Vonnie: I shall descend upon thee! Hide thy stash and wheel! Mwahahaha.

Now, I can focus on my finals, term papers, and truly evil vicious seductive knitting projects (or rather, on NOT knitting or spinning so I can finish said academic work). Or, rather, I would if I hadn't left my GEOL textbook at home. And my notes. Wow, I am soooo competent today.

For some reason, that bloody helmet-liner is calling me. Can you hear it's call? Soft, fuzzy alpaca... Evil little libertine. Why is it women get titles like "seductress", "temptress", or "siren"? And men get names like "philanderer" or "libertine"? It's just not fair.

Oh, on the topic of vocabulary - I FINALLY found the correct spelling for zaftig/ zoftig.
zaf·tig or zof·tig Audio pronunciation of "zoftig" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (zäftk, -tg)
  1. Full-bosomed.
  2. Having a full, shapely figure.
Which is, like, one of my favorite words to use - but no one's ever heard or seen it before. I came across it by accident earlier. How cool is that? I should make a button or something.

Maybe I should just work on that helmetliner and do my homework once I get home. Concept, eh? I still have 3 hours to decide ;)

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