Monday, December 05, 2005

well, that sucked


I think I just failed my chem final in a less-than-fabulous way. (laughing at self). Not only did I not know the answers to half the questions, but ha!, I also managed to knock over the giant trash can when entering, knocked my calculator off my desk and it FLEW to the next row before me (and this was in a tiered lecture hall) - so I had to do the last page w/o it, so it didn't look like I was trying to cheat. MAGNIFICENT.

EUGH. This is all because I was very stupid and thought the final was on Thurs, but (LUCKILY!!!), checked my finals schedule again and realised in the middle of my lunch that my CHEM EXAM WAS IN A HALF-HOUR!!! "Panic" doesn't even describe it. So, delightfully, I got 30 mins to study for an exam worth 30% of my grade. JOY. At least I took it pass/ fail - so it won't RUIN my GPA.

(sigh). Onto better news, I got an A on my term paper in Costume History, and I think I got an A on the exam. Lucky, ducky me. Ohwell.

I'm starting a spencer shrug after all this lunacy is over. Updates later.

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