Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I'm laughing at myself right now

And not in a kind way.

I've managed to lock my keys, notes, and texts into my Guild's office - and I have a final in 2 hours. The Key Office doesn't have an emergency copy, and I can't get in for another couple of days. I really suck sometimes.

Also, I got a response from Archaeology magazine:
"Dear Sara: It sounds much too technical/academic for us. Suggest you read
our writer's guidelines on our website at, then perhaps
draft a proposal. Thanks for your interest. Peter Young, Editor-in-Chief"

Joy. Ohwell. I think I might resubmit. What do all y'all think? I'll definitely ask my 'rents and friends and such. Is it worth it?

Anyway. I have no idea what to do with myself, since I can't get into my office to study - hahaha. And, there's nothing pressing I have to do online or anywhere else. I suppose I could knit or something. Who knows?

I need a cookie or something.

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