Tuesday, August 07, 2007

yes, I forgot my camera again

But, I had the camera-phone again. So, yay, blurry picture time! Aren't you sooo excited??

(Aimee is holding the trekking sock aloft, btw)

Tonight was the second attempt at a weekly knitting meet-up at Mabel's Cafe & Knittery. I think we can all safely pronounce it a success. After last week's showing of 4 (including moi) and my lonesome experience on Sunday, I wasn't too hopeful. Well, wow. Knitters upon knitters kept pouring through the doors.

You can't see 'em all in the photo (hey, I tried), but a couple of knitters and a knitting husband were hidden by the two A(i)my/ee's and Kate. So, yeah, maybe a dozen people for our second week? Not too bad. And lots of fun. The knitting class, shuffled off to the far corner, watched us curiously. One student even went so far as to say she'd come and knit with us after the class finished.

All in all, much more satisfying than Sunday. Although, I did get lovely, lovely yarn on Sunday...

Hmm, hard pick.

Also, today I got The Call from Knit/ Purl regarding my Spocks pattern. I am pleased. It is good. I realised after hanging up, of course, that I had a few questions to add to my list. Ahwell, I go to Knit/ Purl every Thursday anyway.

Knitting (actual knitting) news? I CO the Celtic Cables Cap yesterday. And, dammit, I swatched. Twice. I followed the pattern. By row 20 it was apparent that the FO would have fit a very large watermelon. I can't bear to rip it yet, oh well.

But I finally found the right length DPNs for the, ah, thingies for Stephieface's son. The ones I had been using were about 2" too short and I kept losing stitches. Oh, the joy.

In fact, I'm gonna go and knit on that for awhile and watch Eureka.


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