Friday, November 25, 2005

personalized ipod

I personalized my ipod, to make it more *mine* and less likely to be easily stolen. So, I got vellum swirlies and buttons. They're pink and green and match the headphones Opus found for me today! (front and back, on top of my copy of knitting over the edge)

Today was a GREAT day! We went to TWO knitting shops, and had so much fun! I also found a small hardback copy of Pride and Prejudice for $5!! And all sorts of other fun stuff, as well. And so many fashion faux pas walking around the mall, it was all I could do *not* to comment. I mean, seriously, a black crocheted lace sweater with a WHITE bra! Oh (shudder) the horror! And then there was this chick w/ a gold belt worthy of Croesos! It must have been 3 inches wide! I couldn't take my eyes off of it, it's was like watching a car crash... (shudder) ohwell.

Anyway, I am NEARLY done with my gauntlet mitts - only have two inches left! Yay (little dance). Posted by Picasa

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