Thursday, October 27, 2005

Drizzle, Drizzle

I got dragged up to Portland today, I was my dad's back-up driver. I didn't bother to call any of my friends, who were in the locale, because dad was all stressed about time, and making it home before dark. ha! What misery. Only got to spend, like, maybe 15 mins in Powells. Long, long day. Finished a sleeve for my sweater. All I have left is the other sleeve and finishing. I need to spin some more yarn... I can *feel* the wool glaring at me.

Eugh. At Powells, the knitting section was overrun with novice stitch'n'bitchers. I'm not too big a fan of the series, to be honest - I've had to correct too many patterns in the book for new knitters. And(!), to top it off, I couldn't find anything worth purchasing. What a day - 6 hours in the car, nothing to knit, and no pretty pictures to look at. Thank g-d I'm home now.

I'm totally overrun with requests to join my "swaps" on Craftster. I thought I was a freak until joining this group - but, apparently, I'm seminormal. I jokingly suggested an Inuyasha-prop themed swap - and I have over 9 requests for people to join! I only suggested it 3 days ago. The handspun yarn swap is even worse. Unbelievable.

I need to harass Vonnie and Blair... haven't heard from them in *forever*! Don't they know they're my connection to other experienced knitters and such??? . No one to knit with... well, no one I don't have to teach, anyway. I'll just have to pester them more, mwahahaha! I mean, I *must* be going insane... I'm actually posting on my blog.

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