Thursday, April 12, 2007

reader's choice time

Just to prove that I am not completely fixated on teeny, tiny gauged things (hey, I was starting to wonder, myself). Last night I just couldn't even look at my knitting projects any longer. They were slowly driving me insane. So, as I dug around in my stash I found 3 balls of complimentary yarn (oh, alright, I bought the blue to compliment the purple on purpose) and uncovered a pattern they were perfect for:

The Stripy Beret from the July 2006 issue of Simply Knitting. Project specs?
  • Yarns: Garnstudio Silk/ Alpaca (yarn A) - it was the yarn from my second Magic Yarn Ball - and Nashua Julia (yarn B), which I bought to match the Garnstudio. Both are obscenely soft and luscious. I had to resist the urge to rub myself against it on the needles. I didn't bother to resist the urge after it was finished...
  • Needles: US 7's and 10's
  • Gauge: 16 sts & 20 Rs (to a 4" square) on larger needles
  • Size: er... mine?
  • Pattern: Stripy Beret by Claire Vallans
  • Recipient: ME!
  • Knitting time: 5 hours, max
Now all I need to do is put on the finishing touch - the embellishment to pin down the fold permanently. Right now I like the flower that Crimson crocheted for me (pictured) - but I'm worried about it clashing or being too big. Opinions? I always can use one of our "one of a kind" antique buttons, but I've been wanting to use the flower Crimson made me for a while now, on a hat in particular (because I'm all about the funky hats, man).

So, yeah. Cast your vote.

Next. The Move stuff is going well. I packed up over a dozen boxes of stuff today, and moved another dozen. My back and knees hurt so much by the end of the day, I was moving around like a little old lady. Blech. At least I got to knit afters, though.

And, thank you everyone for the encouragement. I'm really going to have to be disciplined about my eating now. I also need to get more active exercise (moving boxes doesn't really count). I wanted to take the dog for a walk (I miss walking), but hurt too much by the end of the day...

Oy. Maybe tomorrow.

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