Thursday, March 22, 2007

Red is

... the colour of passion
... lucky in China
... bridal in India
... one of the hardest colours to dye true
... the colour of nobility in Elizabethan England
... the colour of blood and pain
... the colour of Roman matrons
... inherently sexual
As I whimpered, inching down the stairs, today I actually wished that there was still such a thing as the Red Tent. All I wanted for most of the day was to lie as still as possible in the dark. I also didn't ever want to see a man again for several hours today, when my Dad insinuated that I was making rather a large fuss of something relatively minimal.

I bit his head off. (verbally, not in Kali-esque fashion... just eww)

I unfortunately missed Homework Club (I spent all of this afternoon lying in the dark). I think he believed me when I didn't get any knitting done until my second dose of Ibuprofen kicked in at around 8pm. I also didn't manage to eat more than a biteful of food before then, either. But after a light dinner (nausea doesn't even describe it), I actually managed to turn the heels on both of my Queen of Cups socks and start on the insteps:

I also managed to get another inch done on the armholes of the peacock pullover. It's looking good, and I loooove to pet it. I think, hopefully, that I might managed to finish the back tomorrow or the day after. Whilst knitting (when I was doing something productive anyway) we watched War Zone Diary. It was okay.

After that, Dad and I worked on cleaning out the kitchen, so that the workmen can paint tomorrow. After cleaning out the sideboard in particular, I realised that I still hadn't changed Lapis' (a.k.a. Mr Fishy) water. To be honest, I live in dread of cleaning his tank. I'm always certain I'll poison him, accidentally kill him when changing tanks, etc. Soooo... I tend to put it off for as long as I can. (it also doesn't help that the boys packed up the dechlorinator while I was in California). But, I had left out two "tanks" full of water to dechlorinate 3 nights ago.

Admitting that it was time, I then strapped some steel to my aching backbone and got down to it. I've decided to change the "tank" he's living in, from a flower vase (don't ask) to a square glass... thing:

Lapis (Mr Fishy) seems to like it. He was very insistent that I feed him afterward, too. I told him, very sternly, that he wasn't allowed to die anytime soon. I've had him for two years and have gotten attached. So, if he dies from a water change, I will be pissy.

That's about it, I guess. I've promised to come in to help St M at TKS later today. I also need to tell the workmen a few things (I have been left in charge, heaven help me, since Dad is leaving town), and plan my sleep-over with Emmos. Should be good.

Now all I need is for my back to stop cramping.

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