Saturday, July 29, 2006


'Long day' doesn't even describe it. I was woken this, ah, afternoon (it was 12:30, okay?) by the USPS lady, to deliver a parcel in person. My Knit Picks order has landed!

2 different sock yarns, 1.5 lbs of merino lace yarn (I have a plan), 6 balls of Vacation to make a tank top for mum, and 2 pairs of the new Knit Picks needles, US #2's. YUMMY! They're all looovely. Can't say enough. I also have to order from Knit Picks again, oh darn, because the sox-wister I'm partnering with wants green sox. Hehehe. Knit Picks just came out with a bunch of new sock yarns... I am so damned.

I then went to return a book to the library and pick up Sensational Knitted Socks, which was being held for me, woot! Mostly it's for inspiration. I like to design my own stuff :D

After the library I walked over to Cozmic and Books w/o Borders - where I got 4 tix to the Yarn Harlot's talk on Sept 7th, At Wits End (I 've been lusting for my own copy, I admit it), and Knitting magazine from Britain. I just loved the fact that the price was in Sterling. You can't beat that ;)

Also pictured are the nearly finished handspun garnet sox, the yarn for my One Skein project (I finally came up with something! and they'll be knit on the new Knit Picks needles - so review upcoming) and my second "snowdrop" shawl (with modifications).

I'm trying out Emily's way and knitting it on size 7's. The change in gauge is immediately noticeable. I'm also altering the pattern - by inserting a lace leaf motif. It'll make sense as I go.

Other interesting bits from today's adventures include a visit to the travelling bookstore - it's on one of those old travelling library buses. Too cool. I also stopped into MECCA - and was greatly disappointed - it ain't worth the visit, Emmos. After all that I went to puruse Saturday Market. Sadly w/o a Saturday Market bag, but I'll make one eventually.

I'm feeling a bit sleepy. My interview with the Springfield Museum is on Monday, so I need to prep for that. The Guild meeting is tomorrow...

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