Friday, June 23, 2006


Time for me to air-punch, since I have mastered my charkha! Lookie, lookie:

Nearly a spindle full of cotton spun up! (Over my freshly vacuumed carpet, btw - which now has stray bits of cotton fluff everywhere, oh well.) Below the charkha and my cotton is some sock yarn, above the pink sock yarn is my 2-ply cotton. Let me say it again, WOOT!

I remember when Vonnie and I went to a spinning day at Fox Hollow and one woman was spinning cotton on her charkha. Vonnie looked at her and said, "That woman makes spinning cotton look way too easy." Let me tell ya, it IS that easy on a charkha. I fully give Indian inventors credit for their ingenuity on textile innovations. Just... wow.

Once I remembered that cotton likes to be spun from the fold, it went "whoosh!" and looked so preeeetty. I just looooooooooooove Egyptian cotton. LOVELOVELOVE.

Now, I must resist the urge to by more cotton. I have 8 OUNCES of Egyptian cotton and untold amounts of American cotton, angel wings (70 cotton/ 30 silk), and silk noil to spin up on this thing. Oh, and some angora as well. Ooooh, caaaaaaaaaaaaashmere. I can get cashmere, or WHITE YAK! I saw a white yak booth... I am soooooo claiming some of that.

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